Biodegradable Trash Bags - Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Min

I'm not even going to beat around the bush when it comes to why you should use biodegradable trash bags. Traditional trash bags are a complete waste, horrible for the environment and downright gross. It is estimated by scientists (who are still unsure due to the fact that they've only been around about 50 years) that a plastic garbage bag can take hundreds of years to decompose. Yes, you read that correctly. HUNDREDS OF YEARS. That plastic bag sitting in your kitchen garbage right now? It might be out of your house next Tuesday when the garbage men come, but it could still be around in the year 2500. Actually, every single plastic bag you throw away for the rest of your LIFE may still be around in 2500. Depending on the oxygen, water and microbe distribution in the landfill, some plastic bags may decompose quickly than others while some may literally reach 500 or higher.

Minimize Landfill Accumulation

However, if the thought of every plastic garbage bag everyone will use in your lifetime taking up landfill space in 100 years grosses you out, you can take initiative and start using biodegradable trash bags. Biodegradable trash bags are made with 100% compostable material and are likely to decompose within the same year they were purchased. Think of the difference that could be made if we all switched to biodegradable bags in our household and put those on the curb instead of the mounds of plastic your family has been accumulating. If the landfill is filled with bags that decompose in a couple months rather than hundreds of years, the food you throw away will decompose much quicker as well, minimizing the amount of space being used up by junk sitting in a landfill.

Compostable Bags: Just as Sturdy

You're probably wondering whether or not a biodegradable and compostable trash bag will work as well as plastic and hold the hefty loads of trash you're quickly accumulating. Keep in mind that biodegradable does not equal wimpy. They're strong just like plastic but use natural components and fibers to hold them together and allow them to stretch without snapping and dumping the garbage all over your floor. Only once they have adjusted to regular environmental exposure in the landfill will they start to break down naturally and decompose, typically within 3-6 months.

It's a commonly assumed myth that reducing your carbon footprint and making an effort to benefit the environment is time consuming and costly, which many of us have no time for. Just think about how little effort (and cost!) it takes to start using biodegradable trash bags rather than plastic. It doesn't impact the precious hours in your day, it doesn't require you to volunteer your time and really, it takes no effort at all yet really does make a HUGE impact. It's simple, effective and you won't be creating garbage that outlives your great great great grandchildren.