Celebrities Applaud New Meditation Techniques At Hollywood?s Nig

Guests at this year?s premier Oscar night party, Night of 100 Stars, were treated to special relaxation tips from Laurie Desjardins, creator of Zen Sticks?. Laurie demonstrated her unique meditation tool and shared the story of her tiger sanctuary, My Brothers? Keeper Animal Refuge.

The star studded event

On February 25th, 2007 at the luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel, hundreds of stars and entertainment industry professionals gathered for the Night of 100 Stars awards gala. The party, held each year, is renowned for the sheer number of stars in attendance, and this year was no exception. Richard Dreyfuss, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Jo Anne Worley?were just a few of the celebrities who showed up in their red carpet finest to celebrate Oscar night.

Story of Sleeping Tiger refuge moves party goers

Lou Diamond Phillips was among stars that were particularly moved by the story of My Brothers? Keeper Animal Refuge, Laurie?s safe haven for tigers. Daniel Baldwin and David Foley were also very interested in the rescue efforts. ?I couldn't say enough nice things about these wonderful actors and musicians,? said Laurie, ?They were all very intelligent, down to earth and kind.?

Laurie explained to visitors how she fell in love with these majestic animals while visiting another big cat sanctuary in Colorado. Since then, she has built and now manages My Brothers? Keeper to ensure the highest quality of life possible for the animals living in her care. A portion of the proceeds from every Zen Stick? sale go to support her cause.

New Tool of the Trade

At the party, many celebrities tried out the new meditation tool, closing their eyes and gently tossing and catching the smooth, perfectly weighted stick. The method featured works well for actors and musicians, who regularly have to drop everything and step into character for performance after performance.

Show business is hard work

The entertainment industry may glitter with excitement but most actors live and work at a frantic pace. They are constantly traveling for work, making media appearances, and under the harsh scrutiny of the public eye. Many of the stars took advantage of the simple, portable, yet beautiful tool, and placed orders for their own Zen Stick?.

David Carradine stopped by and was very excited about the Zen Sticks, as was his brother Robert Carradine. Martin Landau of Star Trek, Wink Martindale, (Miss California) were also interested in the relaxation techniques. ?The actors and musicians were so impressed after trying the Zen Stick that I ran out of sticks halfway through the party,? said Laurie. ?They were amazed at the silky smooth texture and the beauty of the finely grained wood. Most of all, the stars were thrilled to discover a new way to relieve the tremendous stress?of their lifestyles and get into character more quickly.?

Star quality relaxation for average Joes

Celebrities aren?t the only ones who need stress relief. A hectic lifestyle and stressful job are part of the American way of life. Meditation is a great way to counter this stress. It can reduce high blood pressure, chronic pain, and instantly relieve stress.

The next time you need to tune out the rest of the world, try closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths and focusing on a specific object. Use this meditation technique anywhere, at the office, while waiting in line, or before your big night, to instantly tune out the world around you and relax.