Custom Photo Blankets

There is an old saying, ?A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?. Now that priceless picture can be brought to life with a photo blanket. Imagine having a picture from the last family gathering, a celebration or even the family pet placed on something that can be snuggled with. Photo blankets are becoming the latest trend in photography gifts and keepsakes. Photo blankets are providing a new way to keep precious memories close to the heart!

To begin, a picture is scanned into the computer. The computer then uses software to create an image that will be transferred into cloth form. Using a computerized weaving loom, the photo image is transferred onto the blanket material. Once transferred additional effects can be added. This can include lines of text to display who is in the picture or a sweet sentiment to remember an event. Borders, shading and coloring are additional options available.

The common material used in photo blankets is 100% mercerized cotton yarns. These yarns provide a crisp picture quality for the computerized image to be transferred onto the blanket. There is also softness present in the yarns quality. This gives the blanket a cozy feel that is ideal for snuggling under on hot or cold nights. The use of a computerized weaving looms allows for the image to be woven into the fabric of the blanket. Therefore, there will be no fading of the image after washing or continued use over the years.

Photo blankets are available in a variety of selections. Pictures are available for reproduction in color or black and white. Text messages and up to four photos can be added to any blanket. Some of the latest trends are military photo blankets. These are ideal for military personnel traveling to distant places. Likewise, families back home like keeping their loved one close at heart. Whatever the purpose, photo blankets are a great gift idea or keepsake for anyone!