Seducing Your Ex Boyfriend Back: Learn The Secret Before He Disa

Do you find yourself longing for your ex? Do you feel like your feet have been cut off from underneath you because you're missing so much about being with him? Do you feel melancholic and lonely being single again, involuntarily? Well, this article is for all you ladies who yearn to have your ex boyfriend back.

First of all, do not, whatever else you do, chase him. Men are supposed to be the hunters. It's not a cliche, this is how nature works for a millennia. When you chase him, it actually makes you a lot less attractive and your scarcity factor plummets and as in goods things that are so freely available lose their appeal. What you need to learn doing is to seduce him with your feminine lure which have nothing to do with the chase.

So based on this basic make-up, he needs to chase you. That's what men do. Men hunt, women give a green -or red- light Men make the first move, women response.

And when you have that stuck in your mind, you can now start by revisiting what brought you together in the first place. What was it that he saw in you that made him go gaga? Conduct a very honest assessment of yourself. Have you gained a few pounds, done something stupid with your hair, or changed the way you dress? All of these things could have an impact on how he sees you.

You probably lost yourself when you became a couple: you probably gave up some hobbies, friends, or activities. In short, you changed. You became too invested in him and your identity became enmeshed in your relationship with him. You stopped being the girl he initially dated and fell in love with. He may have become bored or disillusioned or turned off with the new you and the you that you changed into for him. One way to get him back may be just to take up the old you so that you turn him on again - and improve on that. And then, don't change again this time.

Another thing that could have happened was that he really liked you without knowing you. In other words he was in love with an idea of you. You were an enigma to him and it was very challenging to a guy. But, as you became a couple, he found out things about you that he wasn't very fond of. Perhaps he found out that you swear or gamble or are overly jealous, or other things that he thinks going against what he considers appropriate for his girlfriend. Think about the things that he harped on you about. If you really want your ex back, consider making the changes he asked for.

Once you have all of the pieces in place, you are the girl he really wants and then you have to seduce him. But doing this is counter-intuitive.

Remember, he likes the chase. So, give him one! Go somewhere that he often goes and barely acknowledge him, but flirt outrageously with all of the other guys. If some guy makes a move, be sure to get cozy. Do you know that this is how Kate Middleton got her relationship back with Prince Williams? She was so successful in making herself look so desirable by having these great guys chase her. You can even start dating one of his friends so that he will want to chase you down.

Once the hunter gets his juices riled, he will want to come after you. At that point, it is up to you to keep him interested by being the girlfriend he really wants and fell in love with the first time. That way you won't be saying "I want my ex back again!"