The Best Shoes For Chilling Winter

I live in Moscow, which is a beautiful city in the north hemisphere. However, owing to its latitude, the city is very cold for the most part of a year, especially in winter. It is so frigid in winter that people often choose to stay at home to pass the harsh season. Unfortunately, I work in a fast food shop and my job is the delivery, which means I always have to travel through the whole city to deliver the food to those who have ordered.

Last winter, I got a terrible cold once after the long journey across the city, and had to stay in bed for about a whole month. And my feet got frostbite. The winter was the most terrible one ever since I could remember. I had to wear a protective device and use a smelly unctuous to heal my feet. And I did not work for a month.

On hearing the news, my mother immediately called me and bought me a pair of UGG boots. Seeing the boots, I wonder how they could help me through the winter. However, after I tried them on, I felt the magic in them. They were so warm and comfortable that I was unwilling to take them off. The fur in the boots was soft and warm, able to keep the heat. And the sole leather was specially manufactured and could isolate the cold temperature from transferring to the feet. The dual protective methods of UGG gave me a solid safeguard which helped me to survive the formidable winter.

In addition, I also find that UGG boots are also suitable for summer wearing. I do not feel hot or damp at all because the UGG boots allow a wonderful air circulation. Heat can be removed from the boots quickly and completely. What is more, the fur within the boots also acts as good agent to absorb sweat from the feet and keep me feet clean and dry.

Now I cannot help wearing them all day long and I have already had three pairs, including white, dark brown and grey. I have to admit that UGG boots are my best shoes.