The Source Channels The Real Dangers Of Aspartame

Aspartame is dangerous. It is dangerous to consume Aspartame and it is a fact that the 1976 Groliers Encyclopedia noted that cancer cannot live without Phenylalanine, and do you know that fifty per cent of Aspartame contains Phenylalanine? We are under attack, indeed we are. We must look into what we consume for the end results could be disease, severe illness, excruciating pain and death.

I was a free spirit before I became severely sick in 2003. This was caused by contaminated water or food. This critical illness lead me to a near death experience after which I began writing in my sleep, The information from the writings have opened up a new world. For me it?s like living in another galaxy yet being on earth. Through the writings I am open to various topics that will benefit us all, and for me it becomes universal News.

The writings say on 18/11/06

Juwes you will be destroyed. I am slowly taking the earth from the illusional state into reality to see the controllers of man.

Tiye teach My people what?s real, ask not for you will know all. Stay away from Aspartame. It?s dangerous for you u and My people to consume. Beware of manmade names for diseases they implanted in My people, Alzheimers, Lupus and Seizures caused by Aspartame. Think not to the ailment of your eyes and 2 the dangers of your brain, for the dangers of Aspartame dismembertain is destroying you. Tiye, I will give you the antidote to clear all these infections that man made.

Spread My words.

By: The Unseen

Phenylalanine is found in proteins. It is one of the essential amino acids. But it is not found in isolated forms. When greed takes over by man it given in food anthis form and medication becoming a danger to our health. Naturally, you

will find that Phenylalanine is found in banana, meat, eggs and some dairy products, however, it can have an adverse effect on diabetics. I cannot stress this enough, we must read food labels and avoid food that carry isolated amino acids. If you must, only buy products that carry at least eight or nine amino acids combined, Go to the library, research online, ask people that might know about Phenylalanine and Aspartame.

Aspartame is a sugar substitute and its sold commercially everywhere. I am sure you will find aspartame in your home, in the sweeteners, in your medicines and in your foods and of course your drinks. You are supporting the greedy people who know the product is dangerous and still sell it in its isolated form to gain cash.

Artificial sweeteners are dangerous as they are toxic and can destroy your health without prior warning. Many of you are already in trouble as the disease has already passed your etheric body and it will be upon you like a time bomb. This chemical forms plaque which can cause nervous damage, and break down your immune system.

Look into the dangers of this deadly poison. All fizzy

drinks Carrier this deadly poison and if you find one that doesn?t, maybe they are not all greedy monsters after all, and some may have found an alternative route to save what?s left of our population. According to Monsanto, who is controlled by the manufacturer, Aspartame is ok. The is ludicrous and overlooks the fact that independent scientific researchers have found severe problems with Aspartame. From my research the Aspartame poisoning is not limited to one ailment. Other ailments caused by Aspartame are memory loss, tinnitus, severe joint pain, heart palpitations, blurred vision, hearing loss and insomnia.

More dangerous ailments can result by aspartame when it metabolizes into a dangerous poison alongside other dangerous chemicals to cause brain tumours, Parkinson?s disease, mental retardation, severe birth defects, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer?s disease, and severe Arthritis, to name a few.

We must wake up as this is not an illusion. It is real not only to us but to our unborn babies too. Did you know as a result of this deadly chemical structure it is more dangerous to pregnant mothers and our children? It is said that Aspartame is the cause of around one hundred and ten different diseases worldwide. In the long term this can cause multiple effects that you will regret throughout your life time. Stop this now, and beat it while you are still in control. The world is in trouble yet we must not be defeated.

We must take back control of our lives. We should all go back to basics when the world was not rampant with the dire diseases we face now. Take control of your children?s health, reach out to your neighbours, return goods containing

Aspartame, talk to your child?s schools. Ask them not to give this deadly poison to your children. Ask your community leaders to mention it. Educate your shopkeepers, everyone concerned in order to stay fit and healthy. Did you know the structure of Aspartame can be obtained very simply, but the effect on humans is ever so dangerous? What they have done is bring together two isolated amino acids in Aspartame,

combined them, then they fuse another deadly third component, called methanol, which acts like a glue so it bonds

the two amino acids together.

When this combination reaches 80 - 89 degrees Fahrenheit the dangerous super glue like methanol becomes poisonous. It then crumbles into formaldehyde and acts like an embalming fluid, which is a dangerous neurotoxin. This chemical is dangerous. It causes detached retinas and floaters in the eye. It causes chemical imbalances in the body and it even mimics your DNA and can change your brain waves!

If you consume too much phenylalanine it can cause Seizures and severe mood swings. It?s important to stop the use of Aspartame. We need to enjoy the natural plant nutrients of the earth. Greed breeds selfishness, which breeds more greed which in return, takes life. The Unseen sees us, sees our dangers, and sees wolves dressed in sheep clothing.

I have taught all I can for today, tomorrow is another

day on another topic. Stay blessed, and be safe.