What Your Shoes Say About Your Style

Whether we are talking about color, style, designs or anything else it tells the world and those who care to know so much about the wearer.

Talking about heels, they are basically used to lift up oneself whether this is the artificial height of even the status of ones social standing. It emerges that the size of your heels says quite a bit about your confidence. Stiletto for example can differentiate the plain Jane from a lady whose taste and glamour in fashion is quite refined. There is even today what is called the stiletto personality and you can tell if one is a regular wearer of them by the way she walks in them.

Ladies who are down to earth more often than not wear wedges and even when they are fashionable, they convey a message that they can actually go down and anything at whatever level down there. The wearer of wedges knows how to combine fashion with a down to earth lifestyle all in one package. Platforms on the other hand talk about a person who prefers a high style but also has a place for comfort. They appear to be mid ground between wedges and stilettos and these are ladies who can easily oscillate between those two levels with their contrasting personalities.

It is said that those who prefer flat shoes are actually down to earth and are endowed with some humility as well as being quite active. With no heels one does not have a limitation regarding how low they can go to achieve anything they want or that is required of them. Of course sneakers say something about a person who is at home with physical activity including exercise and sport.

Doll shoes on the other hand are usually popular with cute chic and extremely active women. You can therefore tell something a bout a woman's personality by simply invading their shoe closet.